The Hong Kong Volunteer Awardees Society (HKVAS), founded in 2009, is a special unit of the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS). The objective is to pool the strength and experience of the "Hong Kong Volunteer Award" winners, and to provide a platform for them to share ideas and experiences, for widespread of volunteerism to the community. HKVAS actively supports AVS in promoting volunteering. It also sets theme of the year's volunteer service, facilitating the members to develop their potentials, and team up to serve the community.

Hong Kong Volunteer Awardees Society

Executive Committee 2023-2025

Honorary PresidentsMs Candy Chea, MHMr Mak Hon Kai, MH
PresidentMr Denny Lam 
Vice PresidentsDr Eason LamMs Jade Kwan
SecretaryMr Leung Kwok Shing 

Mr Daniel Chan

Henderson Land Group (Property Management Department)

LiaisonMr David Ho
Ms Bobo Leung
Swire Properties Limited
 Mr Henry TingMr Elton Ng
 Mr Anthony Li
Mr Ivan Chan
Repair Fairy
 Mr Alex ChungMs So Yuk Ping
Ex-officio Members
Dr Shum Chi Wang, MH
AVS Director
Ms Chung Woon-Fan, Flora
AVS Special Advisor

Sharing by "Hong Kong Volunteer Award" Winners

(Derived from Sing Pao, Chinese Version Only)


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"Comic Illustrations in Volunteering"

We appreciate the support of illustrator Sunny, who brings life education and highlights the spirit of volunteerism through lively and exciting four-panel comics.
Acknowledge to:      Outstanding Volunteers            Mr Denny Lam             Dr Eason Lam             Mr Alex Chung             Mr Suen Kwai Ping                                            
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