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Heroic Volunteer Award

AVS established the “Heroic Volunteer Award” in 2009 to commend the courageous citizens who took risk to rescue others not out of their official duties. The award is presented at the International Volunteer Day Recognition Ceremony annually. All the awardees, through their volunteering actions, have actualized the spirit of selflessness which are widely recognized and praised in society and indeed set up role models of volunteering among the public.


Awardees of 2009: Mr Liu Hoi-kam (2nd from left), Mr Chiu Kin-tung (2nd from right)

Awardees of 2010: Mr Leung Ka-shui (2nd from right), Mr Wu Kam-yau (3rd from right)

Awardees of 2010: Mr Tsang Suet-fung (1st from left), Mr Ng Chi-keung (2nd from left), Mr Lam Hoi-pan (1st from right)

Awardees of 2011: Mr Fan Wai-pun (2nd from left), Mr Douglas Woo (2nd from right)

Awardees of 2012: Mr Chiu Ping-chuen (1st from left), Ms Cheng Yuen-ki (2nd from left), Mr Au King-lim (1st from right), Mr Lee Ming-sun (2nd from right)

Awardees of 2013: Mr Wong Hon-sang (2nd from left), Ms Chau Kei-yin (2nd from right)


For the life-saving incidents of the Heroic Volunteer Award awardees, please refer to the Chinese version.