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香港義工學會 Hong Kong Institute of Volunteers
The Hong Kong Institute of Volunteers (HKIoV)
established by the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) in 2012, is a special initiative to advance volunteerism and promote excellence in volunteering.
Our Mission
HKIoV is dedicated to advancing volunteerism and promoting excellence in its practice through a membership system of recognition, standards setting and accreditation, research and knowledge transfer, by which sustainable development of volunteerism may be enhanced.
Our Objects
  1. Set standards for volunteering practice and service delivery;
  2. Establish a member system of recognition and accept volunteers who have achieved the standards and are willing to commit to the cause of HKIoV as members;
  3. Share experience and manage knowledge for the development and transfer of best practices; and
  4. Engage in studies for the advancement of good practices.
Why HKIoV?
Organizational Structure
HKIoV is an institution of the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS), administered by the Governing Committee and the Admission Panel. The Governing Committee, composed of members from different sectors of the Society, is responsible for the policies and strategies of the Institute. The Admission Panel, the members of which come from the Governing Committee, is responsible for membership admission, assessment and making recommendations to the Governing Committee.
Governing Committee
Chairman: Mr Lee Jark-pui, SBS, OBE, JP
Vice-chairman: Ms Lam Tyng-yih, Elizabeth, CPA
Member: Prof John Bacon-Shone Mr Ruy Barretto, S.C.
  Ir Dr Chan Fuk-cheung Dr Darwin Chen, SBS
  Mr Richard Fung Prof Kuan Hsin-chi
  Mr Joseph Kwan, MH Dr Li Ying-hung, Michael
  Ms June Teng  

There are 5 types of membership of the HKIoV, both for individuals and bodies corporate, namely, Ordinary Member, Fellow, Senior Fellow, Honorary Member and Honorary Fellow. Details please refer to the admission criteria stipulated in the application form.
Members shall commit to the cause of the HKIoV, support the 《Hong Kong Volunteer Charter》 and commit to continuous volunteering and promoting volunteerism through enhancing knowledge and service quality.
Please contact the Secretariat for accessing the Constitution of HKIoV or obtaining a copy of it.
Membership Application and Enquiry:
HKIoV Secretariat
G/F and 1/F, Yuen Fai Court, 6 Sai Yuen Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Tel: 2200 5726   Email:    Find Us on FB
Membership Application Form (Individual) Membership Application Form (Corporate) Membership Renewal Application Form Member Information Update Form


Continuous development and knowledge transfer in volunteerism Research studies for advancement of good volunteering practices Promoting public affirmation of volunteer contribution and inspiring more people to volunteer Fellowship, interaction and networking opportunities among members in pursuit of excellence in volunteering Together building a volunteering culture and mutual help society Recognition of members as a premier group of quality and professional volunteers