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AVS maintains a Central Membership System, assists individuals wishing to offer and organizations requiring volunteer service. Members are referred according to their talents and preference to organizations to undertake volunteer services such as befriending, child care, coaching, counseling, escort, home-help, culture and recreation, tutoring, visitation, environmental protection, hospital service, etc. Service recipients include people of different ages, the elderly living alone, the disabled, the new-arrival families, etc.

Those who are 15 years old or above, regardless of academic backgrounds and profession, can register as Hong Kong Community Volunteers(HKCV). Please fill out the "Hong Kong Community Volunteers Membership Application Form" and send it to the Agency for registration. Applicants are welcome to attend the "Volunteer Orientation". Members have to review their application once per every two years.

All registration procedures should be completed to become Hong Kong Community Volunteers(HKCV). Service opportunities from various organizations will be composed in a Service Bulletin which will be sent to HKCV members regularly. Upon the service requirements, we will also search suitable members from our Central Membership System and contact them to see if they are interested in providing a specific service.

All members will have a "Membership Card" with identity numbers to be quoted for contacts with the Agency later. Besides Service Bulletin, members are welcome to inquire information of any service to our Volunteer Action Centre. Members are encouraged to discuss the service content with the recruiting organizations. During the service period, should there be any feedback, members are recommended to contact the service coordinator directly. Members are not allowed to organize any activities in the name of AVS without our permission.