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Volunteer Action Center
  • To develop, provide and organize service opportunities for people who would like to volunteer.
  • To recruit volunteers, develop, expand and coordinate volunteer resources and promote volunteer service management to match with the needs of the society.
  • To network local, regional and international volunteering organizations to help promote volunteering.
  • To provide assistance to service organizations in developing volunteering.
1. Organization of Volunteers
  • Promotion and recruitment: promote and recruit Hong Kong residents to register as our HKCV member.
  • Volunteer Referral Service: HKCV members are placed for assignment according to their talents, experience and service preference to address the needs of the non-profit organization.
  • Volunteer Talent Bank: recruit and organize volunteers with special talents or those who can offer specific services for the utilization of their own skill in volunteering. More details of Volunteer Talent Bank
  • Supporting services: delegate experienced volunteer leaders to provide necessary support to HKCV members and non-profit organization in mega referral programmes, designated team to receive service inquiry, central membership system for member registration, matching and service referral, HKCV member networking and sharing activities etc.
2. Coordination of Volunteer Services
  • Develop volunteering opportunity: discuss and study service needs, formulate pioneering volunteer service projects and widen service spectrum and categories of volunteering.
  • Organize Volunteer Action Programs: organize long and short term pioneering service projects according to community needs.

3. Association Work
  • Exchange and Network with local, regional and international volunteering organizations.
  • Keep close ties with registered agencies and service organizations to strengthen mutual understanding and the suitability of work matching.
  • Liaise with service organizations to encourage more volunteers participation .

More Service Information

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