The Hong Kong Volunteer Award (HKVA)

The Hong Kong Volunteer Award (HKVA), the first territory-wide volunteer award organized by the Agency for Volunteer Service in 2005, aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism by recognizing outstanding volunteers, volunteer groups and corporations for their distinguished contributions and accomplishments in promoting volunteering.
The biennial HKVA was held until 2021; 57 outstanding volunteers, 31 outstanding volunteer groups and 16 outstanding corporations were selected.  The Award is not only to raise public awareness of the value of volunteering, but also to facilitate the development of sustainable volunteerism in Hong Kong.
In 2022, the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service co-organized and launched a new recognition scheme: the Hong Kong Volunteer Award (“HKV-Award”); the HKVA awards have been included in it, and established new awards for the outstanding youth volunteer/group, as well as the outstanding collaboration projects. It aims to motivate the public, particularly the youth, to participate in volunteering, care for the underprivileged and share the love to inherit the spirit of volunteerism to build a caring and inclusive society.


Past winners of HKVA: