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With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, AVS launched The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: Volunteer Talent Bank (VTB) in 2005, with the aim to capitalize on volunteer resources to build a special talent force with high calibre and strong commitment to serve the community.

Volunteer Teams

Projects are initiated and self-managed by volunteers with specialized talents to provide tailor-made services to NGOs in order to address community needs. There are four categories of services :





V-care Befrienders Team

Provide befriending, emotional support & guidance services to the elderly.

Reading Volunteer Team

  • Through storytelling and paired reading session, interact with hospitalized children and elderly in need.
  • Encourage inmates to develop reading habits by exchanging thoughts through book reports.

Student Service Supporting Team

Provide tutoring and emotional support to children or teenagers in need.

Tourist Guide Team

  • Provide route design & planning, tour and escort services for needy organizations.
  • Organize local trips for elderly in need to reconnect them with the community.

Music Creative Team

Through music and games, interact with children with special needs to enhance their learning and communication abilities, as well as to promote personal growth.

Volunteer Performance Service Team

Provide stage performance including singing, dancing, magic, clown show and balloon-twisting for non-profit organizations.

Social Inclusion Volunteer Service Team

Use board games as the tools to build relationship with elderly and children, and to strengthen their communication skill and learning ability.

Family Volunteer Team

Through interactive sessions that involve cooking, handicrafts, exercises etc., bring positive energy to the service recipients.

Hair Cutting Team

Provide hair cutting service to the elderly, patients and the needy.

Health Care Team

Organize health checks and health-related talks to the elderly.

Information Technology Volunteer Service Team

Build I.T. skills via consultation services to NGOs and direct services to the needy.

Volunteer Photographers Team

Provide professional photography service to NGOs.

Home-Safety Support Team

Improve the living quality of the elderly and the needy by providing home repair and maintenance service.

13 self-managed teams of volunteers with specialized skills/ talent or unique characteristics to meet the needs of the society. Volunteers are welcome to register as VTB members.


Volunteer shall:

  • Hold valid membership of the Hong Kong Community Volunteers (HKCV)
  • Have expertise and skills as required by different teams
  • Act in alignment with the VTB project goals and code of practices
  • Actively participate in VTB volunteer service
  • Endeavor to attend team trainings provided by VTB (if any)



Eligible volunteer-involving NGOs and other entities are welcome to first become our Registered Organizations and start receiving the professional and specialized services from our VTB volunteers.