Volunteer Referral Service

AVS’ online portal V-HK allows individual and corporate volunteers to search and sign -up for service opportunities that best match their skill profiles and interests. Eligible volunteer-involving NGOs and other entities that have become our Registered Organizations could submit to us their service requests, resting assure that we will help them recruit the right volunteers that meet their requirements.


The category of Volunteer Service available is as diverse as the talents of our volunteers. Typical service opportunities include: elderly home visits, mentoring, tutoring, fundraising, office and administrative works, environment-related initiatives, provision of support at events, festivals and conferences etc. In general, service recipients include children, youth, elderly, patients, people with disabilities, substance users, the rehabilitated, new arrivals, ethnic minorities and so on. Service commitment could be for short or long terms depending on the service organizations’ specific requirements.


Service opportunities waiting to be filled are compiled into the Volunteer Service Express, a bulletin that we regularly distribute to our volunteer members. To maximize the chance of identifying the right talent, we also proactively assist Registered Organizations with specific service requirements by searching through our database of volunteer members to seek out the interests of prospective candidates.