United Nations proclaims the 5th of December as the International Volunteer Day (IVD) to promote volunteerism, and to encourage governments and organizations to pay tribute to volunteers in recognition of their contributions to the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Since 1992, AVS has been celebrating the IVD annually to show appreciation to volunteers, and to encourage more aspiring ones to adopt the volunteering way of life.
To encourage the public to integrate volunteering into their lives, 101 Ways of Volunteering are available to inspire people to volunteer.
This year, AVS promotes the IVD with the slogan “Everyone Volunteers” together with a set of cartoon characters each in a unique volunteer role, portraying the positive energy they bring to the people around them and to the community.

The "V" in "VV Friends" not only stands for "Volunteering", but also brings out that volunteering is a "Win-Win situation" for both the volunteers and the organization.
Each character has different volunteer experiences, each of them is full of positive energy! They have the characteristics of a battery, and play their roles in different positions to help others and recharge their energy. They can be found everywhere, empowering and helping people.
Anson is a student. He is young, active and always influencing his friends to volunteer together.
Vincy has been an enthusiastic volunteer since she was a child. She is proactive and her favourite volunteer service is charity flag-selling.
Simon is a professional and sports lover. He has been a volunteer for over 18 years and actively participating in various services. He often teaches in rural areas, and devotes his professional knowledge to help the underprivileged.
Hannah is a positive and cheerful girl who often performs for different charity organizations and sings beautifully to spread positive energy.
Kelly is a retiree. She is always full of energy and wears a smile on her face. She organizes a volunteer team after retirement and actively engages in volunteer work.
Start your volunteer life!
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Public are welcome to participate in the following activities to spread the spirit of volunteerism. The first 50 participants of the following activities can have a chance to get 2 mask holders.  Please visit our social media platforms to get the latest information.
Voting Campaign of “My Favorite Volunteer Service”
By voting the top 10 “My Favorite Volunteer Service”, the public can get to know more about different ways of volunteering.
Event Period: 15/11/2021 – 30/11/2021
Sharing of “My Volunteer Story”
Share your volunteer story with pictures or video to your social media platform, add hashtag #125IVD, #AVS, #EveryoneVolunteers #InternationalVolunteerDay
Event Period: 25/11/2021 – 5/12/2021
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Share the stickers of love & encouragement 
AVS has launched a set of 15 heart-warming stickers (available on WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram), send your care and encouragement to your loved ones!
(Chinese version only)
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To recognize the contributions of volunteers, the “International Volunteer Day Recognition Ceremony” was held on 11 December 2021. The Honourable Caspar Tsui Ying-wai, JP, Secretary for Home Affairs attended to officiate at the Ceremony. The occasion is dedicated to appreciating and recognizing AVS long service and outstanding volunteers. The 11th Heroic Volunteer Award and the 4C Outstanding Youth Volunteer Leadership Award were presented on the day. Recognition lists are as follows:
HKCV Individual Awards (Chinese version only)
HKCV Corporate Awards (Chinese version only)

You are welcome to download, host and share the IVD 2021 promotional materials or share to your organization website and social media platforms, link to to promote the IVD and salute to all volunteers. If a specific size is required, please email the details to
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Sponsored by renowned organizations and corporations, in supporting IVD, to recognize volunteers' contribution.

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