Fight Coronavirus Together Volunteer Service Campaigns

In early 2020, the Coronavirus spread all over the world, including Hong Kong.  Shortage of protective supplies has greatly affected the daily life of the general public.  To fight the epidemic, Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) has launched various services to mobilize volunteers to help those in need, spread correct information and positive messages in the society.


Please click below links to know more about various services and measures launched by AVS:


1. Volunteer Service

  • Fight Coronavirus Together Volunteer Care Action
  • Stand with Medic
  • Anti-virus Services in WGE
  • Mask Raising Campaign for Cho Yiu
  • Fight Coronavirus Together V-together Volunteer Care Programme
  • Volunteer Talent Teams Caring Action
  • Flash Mob Volunteer Team
  • Fight Coronavirus Together Volunteer Service
  • Volunteer from Home Fight Against Coronavirus” Caring Campaign


2. Joining Together to Fight Coronavirus

  • Volunteer Stories behind the Epidemic
  • Together We Care! by South China Media
  • HENwashing Challenge


3. Online Workshops

Parent-child Workshops

  • DIY Brain Games
  • Refreshing Exercise
  • Mother's Day Presents – Preserved Flower and Pop-up Gift Card
  • DIY Protective Hat and Paper Soap
  • S.T.E.M Experiment - Amazing Magic Trick
  • DIY Mosquito Repellent Bar in 3 Minutes
  • Home-made Toys
  • Three Protective Tools Made with Folder - Mask Keeper、Protective Film for ATM、Protective Film for Lift
  • Handmade Cloth Mask
  • Beeswax Wraps

Online Certificate Course on Little Volunteer Leaders


4. Anti-virus Advices & Publications