The Agency for Volunteer Service (“AVS”) is one of the six volunteer matching platforms collaborating with the “JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER PLATFORM” (“JCVTP”). With the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, AVS launched a series of volunteer services to encourage those who first encounter volunteer service, whether they are families with young children, intergenerational volunteers, working adults or general public, to take an active part in volunteering. Starting today to 31 July 2024, new volunteers who participated in any service from the JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER series and registered as members of AVS Hong Kong Community Volunteers (“HKCV”), will receive a complimentary offer of a 2-year free HKCV membership (Promotion Code: JCVT-23) 


The Hong Kong Volunteer Award (“HKV-Award”), co-organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service, is dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of outstanding volunteers and teams, young people, corporations, organizations from various sectors, cross-sectoral partnership projects, estates, and schools. The HKV-Award aims to inspire more people, particularly young people, people over 50, and first-time volunteers, to participate in volunteering and to unite the power of the community in building a caring and inclusive society.


「香港義工團」青年部於暑假推出「Miracle Summer! 2023青年行義計劃」,本年度以「環境保護及關愛社區」為主題,於6 - 8月期間,提供一系列暑期義工服務予12歲至30歲青少年部會員參與,青少年朋友由即日起至8月31日期間登記入會,將享有「香港義工團」青年部2年免費會籍優惠(優惠編號: MS-23),歡迎大家邀請青少年朋友參加!